Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 21 Bushy Park Sunshine

Another glorious day, so back to the park. I took three sequences, all with five second intervals. The first two sessions were 500 each. I was only going to do the two due to time constraints, but then something else caught my eye.

I couldn’t stay around for too long, so only took 100. Was still pleased with what I caught.

Sequence 1

The first sequence caught the clouds passing by, reflected in the water. Also, I really like the movement of the sun splash.

Sequence 2

Sequence 3

Am still undecided at this stage what to do next. After my last classroom session, I think it may be better to just do straight prints with a selection from each sequence I’ve taken since starting the interval timer sessions. What I could do is have a smaller grid of ten from each one, with a larger print of the best one. I feel I need to show how in the small time frame how the scene in front of the viewer is transformed by nature. Reflections of how life can change so quickly & give a completely different image.

Task 3



Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 20 London Bridge & South Bank

This weekend was a mixture of taking photos & taking back my city. On Sunday morning I decided to go for a stroll along the South Bank to Bermondsey to see the latest exhibition by Larry Bell at the White Cube gallery.

After the events of Saturday 3rd June, I was quite hesitant. I knew I had to face my fears & take a walk alongside my river. After visiting the gallery, I went along a different route & found myself by London Bridge. I came across the place where this event was commemorated.

The atmosphere was quite charged, but in a respectful & contemplative way. The smell of the flowers will always be in my memory.

I then carried along the South Bank back to Waterloo, just capturing shots during a Summer Sunday afternoon in London.


Task 3

Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 19 Stormy Weather!

After a very stormy Monday night & Tuesday morning, the late afternoon became quite sunny. As I knew I was quite busy for the rest of the week, this was my opportunity to try another sequence.

It was still very windy, so this session involved a lot of faith in the tripod not being blown over. Also, hoping that the rain towards the session wouldn’t totally drench myself & the camera!

I’d set the camera to 800 of five second intervals, but it stopped after 500ish. I wasn’t disappointed with the results as the strong wind & intermittent sunshine gave some very interesting results. Here is a selection:

I also created this abstract from one of the shots.


Task 3

Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 18 Bushy Park Ripples

After an afternoon spent in London I felt the call of the park again. There was still a smidgeon on sunlight hanging around & was hungry for more shots.

After my previous experiments, I decided to try for two sequences: one of 400 with five second intervals then one of 500, also with five second intervals.

First session – 400 x Five Second Intervals


I was really pleased with the results of the first collection. There’s also the delightful bonus of seeing the fish swimming in the river. Here is a selection…