In remembrance…

With time slipping away quickly, I realised there were only four weeks left until the coursework for this term’s unit had to be completed. Despite having some initial ideas, visualising the final five images was proving difficult.

I still wanted to keep to the theme of how people are remembered. The frustrating aspect I continued to come against was that, despite being ideal on paper, my chosen locations were not giving me the inspiration I was quite looking for.

On Sunday 13th November, I decided to take a quick drive down to Orleans Gardens down by the Thames near Twickenham. It’s a lovely space with views of the London’s main river. The conditions were cold & crisp which that were gently warmed by a kind sun.

The park & path that runs through the gardens were both teaming with people out for a Sunday afternoon walk. Being late autumn, the ground was covered in a carpet of fallen leaves. Only one thing to do. Get out the camera & take photos..

Nothing amazing, but it does capture the mood of the day.

My attention was then caught by one of the riverside benches. These are placed alongside the river with inscriptions dedicated to those who appreciated the view. They can be found in many of the area’s green spaces and I always take a moment to read the people’s names.

Again, not the best set of shots, but it started my mind working. In last week’s session, Zig mentioned a friend who took a shot of a mini bench each day the posted it on Facebook. Also, my classmate Carolyn had taken photos while in Portugal from a bench and had captured some wonderful observations.

While these thoughts started to form, I took a couple more shots along the river path while standing next to this particular bench.

Yes, it did capture what was happening at that moment, but something was missing…

Onto the next bench.

Next, I did something different. I sat down. Which, of course, changed my point of view. This gave me the opportunity to stop, think & appreciate the view. Then I took some shots.

Hmmmm. Could I be onto something here? Take a photo of the bench from the point of view of someone passing. Then take some shots while sitting there, as if you were one of the individuals commemorated, taking in the view as they once did.

So I continued down the path to the next bench.

Just a bit further along is another main viewing point. I have been here quite a few times before with one of my favourite memories involving sitting on a bench with a good friend. It was a chilly spring evening spent sharing stories with a picnic of olives, sun-dried tomatoes, sliced chorizo washed down with a rather nice Spanish red poured into a plastic glass.

A bit further on is this particular bench and I think most likely the moment when things galvinised.

Then the next one…

Finally, here are the remaining photos from this particular visit.

It was then when I was looking at the results later in the day, I decided to try some black & white conversions. After several months of focusing on colour and making it as bright as possible, it was nice changing to this format. It also made me realise this is how my images for the project of People & the Environment should be presented.

Criteria Ref: P1, P2, P4, P5


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