South Bank Observations

While on a visit to Tate Modern on Friday 18th November, I took the opportunity to practice with the camera on the South Bank.

There’s certainly lots to take photos of on the stroll between Waterloo Station & this wonderful gallery.

The first thing that caught my eye was a notice on a tree protesting about the planned Garden Bridge. If it does go ahead then, ironically, these particular trees will be removed. If they do, then this will be a record of these iconic trees before they’re ripped from the landscape.

Next to these trees is a memorial bench fashioned from a large tree trunk. This bench is dedicated to three young men who lost their lives in a bus crash in Thailand. All three were only 19 years-old and embarking on a 9-week trip of a life time.

I took photos from various positions and angles, observing people walking past and taking note of the ones who stopped to look as they went past. My favourite of these has to be the last one, the boy sitting on the bench. He just sat down for a moment & wasn’t even aware of the camera.

These last set of photos are of a group of young boys who were practicing their free running. At first, I thought the police officers came over to see them off. Instead, they struck up a conversation together and it was quite amiable. I wasn’t able to capture that moment (didn’t have the camera out in time!). However, I checked with them first if I could take a few shots of them practising. They didn’t object, so I found a suitable spot, crouched down, composed the shot using the frame of benches then took some consecutive photos. Afterwards, I took the email of one of these guys and sent over the photos to them. He was quite chuffed!


Criteria Ref: P1, P2, P4, P5



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