People & The Environment Final Selection

Ok. Final selection made.

After showing the printed images to the class during the last session of the term, I picked out the following:


Listening to the feedback and having my classmates shuffle the prints on the desk, it soon became clear what worked & what didn’t. I have to admit that the selection made in class was slightly different to what I’ve finished with. Revisiting the prints after a couple of weeks gave me a fresher eye.

What struck me when putting out the images on the floor was the aesthetics of the images as a whole. I really like the way the shape of the trees ‘curve’ towards the centre of the series. The images of the benches on either side ‘bracket’ the centre ones.

Overall, the images give a real sense of being by the Thames on a chilly, but sunny, Autumn afternoon. There’s no frenetic activity, just a quiet contemplation. The benches give a really solid feel to the photos. I went with the colour photos as they encapsulate the golds, oranges & browns of this season. I just love the colours of the leaves captured at their best.

All of the images have been taken as a ‘step back’ from what’s happening – an observation, not being part of the action. While thinking about the images I’d seen over the last term with regards to this project, the ones that I think influenced me are those of Simon Norfolk. There’s a real quietness to his work. Ok, I’m not taking photos of anything as hard hitting as iced over war graves or landscapes where mass genocide has taken place. What I’m trying to convey is that I feel I’ve captured that mood of quiet contemplation.

Looking back at the progress I’ve made during this particular project, I’ve come quite far from my original concept. I’ve taken many photos, which has given me a better idea of what I like regarding my own composition & style. Recognising the limitations & making the most of the opportunities has been a good learning experience.

Criteria Ref: P2, P3, P4, P5.



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