Unit 23 – Photographic Media Techniques & Technology

At the end of the Autumn/Winter term, Zig introduced us to the forthcoming unit to be covered during the Spring term. The following is an outline of the unit’s assignments & their requirements.

Titled ‘Photographic Media, Techniques & Technology, this unit will cover studio practice & location photography.

The purpose of these assignments is for me to:

  • Be able to investigate photographic media, techniques & technology.
  • Be able to use photographic media, techniques & technology safely.
  • Know about the characteristics & properties of photographic materials.
  • Understand own use of photographic media, techniques & technology.

I will review my own work in terms of the visual impact of final pieces, use of techniques and other relevant aspects such as adherence to health & safety guidelines. This project will provide an opportunity to for me gain valuable insights into photographic media techniques to form my own conclusions about my preferences in photography.

This project should consist of a series of experiments in a photographic studio & location environments.

I will have the opportunity to work with lighting schemes to represent my subject in a best possible way. I should take care of the still life set-up, with careful illumination of the subject/objects.

The studio practice will consist of still life and portrait photography, involving the following two tasks:

Task 1: Build & photograph a still life set-up that will be inspired by a classical painting.

  1. Research classic still-life paintings (you can use a painting where the still life is an important part) in books, magazines & websites.
  2. Choose one painting that I would like to interpret in the studio.
  3. Build a still life set up & consider a background that will match the subject.
  4. Use studio lighting, flash accessories & gels to illuminate the subject in a creative manner.
  5. Use flash meter in a confident manner to establish the required lighting scheme.
  6. Record well-exposed images.
  7. Evaluate my work.

Task 2: Portrait – using classical painting as inspiration.

  1. Research classic portrait paintings in books, magazines & websites.
  2. Chose one that I would like to interpret in the studio.
  3. Build a set up.
  4. Use preferred light source & studio accessories to illuminate the subject in a creative manner.
  5. Record well-exposed images.
  6. Evaluate my work.

Task 3: Location

Title: Cruel & Tender

I should research other photographers’ work & plan my own shooting. I should mind map the initial approach to the topic. I should show through the evaluation & analysis of the research, how this has helped & influence my own ideas. The interpretation of the theme should reflect my individual way of working.

Evidence: Produce between 5 to 10 images.

Criteria Ref: P1


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