Studio Practice – Task 2: Portrait Pt 5

Armed with an SD card full of images from the morning’s shoot, the afternoon’s task was to sift through & see if any would be suitable for my final portrait.

There was one that jumped out at me – it had the right composition, plus the I liked the chiaroscuro effect.


However, it didn’t have the same ‘feel’ as a classic master painting. Time for some skilful editing. First, I then opened up the image in Camera Raw, adjusting various levels to achieve this effect. I really like the warm colours & how the light glows.


Next, I cropped the image using the 3:4 ratio:


Finally, I opened up the image in Photoshop & added a filter which gives the effect of an oil painting.


Not bad. The only issue I have with this conversion is the loss of ‘catchlight’ in the eye. I’m sure that can be brought back by a touch of Photoshop trickery.

The next stage for this image will be a final edit once I’ve got some feedback from Zig & my classmates. I’ve already had a think about the printing process. I will probably get it printed using the ‘peal’ photographic paper. This gives a slight metallic sheen to the image when the light hits it. Also, I’ll be scouring the local charity shops to seek out a suitable frame to finish it off with style.

Criteria Ref: P1, P3 & P4.


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