Studio Practice – Task 1: Still Life Pt 2

While thinking of how to construct my still life image, I started to look around my home for inspiration. That was when my bedside lamp caught my eye.

One of the main components of still life images is flowers.


I then spotted a couple of glittery butterflies on my shelf. The butterfly is also often used within still life paintings as symbol of transformation & resurrection. It’s one of my own personal symbols & have butterfly representations within my home, either on coasters, bedding, cushion covers, crockery, etc.

My thoughts then went onto how I could possibly use these items as a central reference. My first was to possibly combine the lamp with dead flowers. Some things are eternal, but not alive – inanimate objects that are there just to be possessed. They’re not ‘real’, just manufactured representations of nature. Other elements I could include within my interpretation should be ephemeral (not lasting). Dead things remind us that life is made of fleeting moments that will not last.

Well, that’s a (cheerful!) start…

Criteria Ref: P1 & P4.


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