Cruel & Tender: Pt 6

After the class & Facebook feedback, I knew I had to return to North Greenwich for another shoot. Looking at the weather forecast for the coming week, I decided to make my way back on that Saturday afternoon.

Going back at the time of day during the weekend was a bit different. There were more people around this time, but not necessarily nice ones. When I was walking from North Greenwich station, I was passed by a souped-up Golf MK II with booming music coming from its unwound windows. When I got to the spot where I took the Canary Wharf & rubbish vista the same car was parked up. In exactly the place I needed to sit in order to take further photos from that particular point of view. The driver of the car was certainly someone I didn’t want to interact with, so I just had to walk cautiously round & take shots from different angles. I also needed to watch where I was stepping as there was quite a bit of broken glass on the concrete leading down to the river.

I also realised at that point I’d forgotten to pack my 18mm-55mm lens, so was still shooting with the 50mm. Plus, the light wasn’t as strong as it was during my previous session, so the shadows/contrasts weren’t as nice.

I then made my way to the right, as I wanted to see what the view was like from the O2. The contrast of this area was extremely marked. The path has obviously been looked after with hardly any rubbish there & a selection of art installations. My favourite is the section of ship named Slice of Reality by Richard Wilson. There were some interesting views, the ones which stood out was the of the City behind the spiked metal gate. Again, I had to be aware of other path users, especially the cyclists scooting along the bike path.

I also caught the people walking over the top of the Millennium Dome, which made for some nice abstracts. They probably won’t make the final cut, but I still like them. I then made my way back along the river to Greenwich. However, by this time it had clouded over & the light quickly fading. Despite the conditions, I caught a few more interesting images. Then it started raining & all I wanted to do was get back to the station before the skies totally opened.

Here is a selection from the 150 taken in total.

50mm Lens

These are the two shots taken with my mobile phone. Will have to return with the 18mm-55mm safely packed my bag.

Mobile Phone

Criteria Ref: P1, P2, P3 & P4.


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