Cruel & Tender: Pt 8

A sunny Monday took me back to North Greenwich which will be my final visit for this project. This time I’d made sure that the 18mm – 55mm lens was packed so I could perhaps get some new perspectives.

I did start off with the 50mm then swapped it quickly for the zoom lens. I did return to using the prime lens later on during my walk.

One thing that I did notice as different is that the slanting tree that I’d photographed on my initial river walk had been cut down. Another observation is a church that is on the Isle of Dogs has a very similar profile to The Shard – there is a point along the river where you can see the two together. I wonder if that was deliberate…

My next step now is to start narrowing down my final selection of images. I’ve already got a couple of favourites, but it’s finding the strong ones which work together. Will definitely keep me busy over the next few days.

Criteria Ref: P1 & P4.


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