Cruel & Tender: Pt 9

With a few hundred shots to go through, it was time to whittle down these to the final 10. I had an idea of the stronger images I wanted to submit, but I wasn’t quite sure which ones went together.

First I chose the photos that had generated a reaction initially. Secondly, I decided that the narrative I wanted to present was a walk along the river from Greenwich to the Greenwich Peninsula taking in views of the Isle of Dogs. These chosen images are snippets of an area with which I’m quite familiar but is changing vey fast. I also wanted to combine it with aspects of the Greenwich side, bearing in mind the industrial history of the area.

Most of this river walk is still quite shabby with signs of the previous industries quite obvious. By juxtapositioning the old with the new shiny financial area, it highlights how London is more than ever reliant on services than industry, especially with regards to the River Thames. It also captures small aspects of London that I’m sure will soon disappear once the developers have got their hands on that sliver of Thames path.

Criteria Ref: P1 & P4.


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