Studio Practice – Task 2: Portrait Pt 7

After the feedback with regards to the latest version of the portrait, I knew I had to re edit. Despite some good comments about the one with the obvious ‘oil painting’ filter, it did look to processed for the purpose of this task.

During the today’s class today, I asked Daiva for her opinion & assistance. She suggested taking down the brightness on the books & lifting the light on Shoresh’s face. I’d brought in the file, so Daiva put her expert Photoshop skills into action with the books, just slightly making the light more subtle. I then asked Zig for help with regards to the skin tone of Shoresh’s face, which was quite orange. He showed me how mark off the area using the lasso tool reduce the vibrancy then feather the area. Much better now!

Now to prepare the image for print…

Criteria Ref: P1, P2 & P4.


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