Studio Practice – Task 1: Still Life Pt 9

After another useful feedback session with the class & Zig, I finally got the selection down to two images.

I do like both of these & am still quite proud of the vase of tulips. However, for the purpose of this task, which is to ‘interpret’ a classic still life, the glass rose lamp combined with the shell, tulip, petal & shell does play with the semiotics usually encountered in this style of painting.

For example, the tulips initially alluded to the transience of life & were considered an expensive luxury. With the lamp & the butterflies, they are a man-made interpretation of nature & totally un-natural. It reflects the consumerism of today’s current society, items mass produced in China & easily available. The shell is one that my daughter brought back from the Isle of Wight, not a distant land but still a symbol of discovery & travel. The tulip & petal at the bottom of the photo still allude to life’s quick passing & a reminder to not forget that the flower is a simple piece of beauty. I also really like the way the real tulip looks like it’s been painted onto the image.

Regardless of the meaning, there’s still the printed images to examine. Will be interesting to see them when they arrive.

Criteria Ref: P1 & P4.



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