Cruel & Tender: Pt 11

Today I received the 12 prints I ordered from DS Colour Labs for the Cruel & Tender project. I decided to print them 12″ x 18″ with a gloss finish. I knew I wanted them to be bigger than the prints I had for my People & The Environment project as there was so much detail in each image. The main deciding factor on this size was cost. I could go bigger, but the price jumps up substantially. Also, I wanted to make sure they looked how I wanted them to without making this project too expensive.

When I took them out of the packaging, I was very pleased with the quality & the overall results. I had made an adjustment to the clarity to each image which gave the collection a starker look.

The next stage was to lay them out on the living room floor to see how this collection works together. Also, to see which ones don’t fit in to the final selection. As with previous projects, I find this task quite essential & enlightening.


I did have some plays with mixing & matching certain images, but still not quite certain on the final few. I know that two will definitely have to go as only five to ten photos can be submitted. Again, I will bring the prints to the next class session for feedback. I know I’ve got to that stage where I’m too close for a subjective view.

Criteria Ref: P1, P3 & P4.


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