Cruel & Tender: Pt 12

Now for the hard part – the final selection for Cruel & Tender. I laid out the prints on the classroom tables. Then I stepped back & let the (constructive) rabble descend.

The main deciding factors were the colour of the sky in the images & not having too much repetition. I did grimace a bit when a couple of my favourites were discarded, but I understood the decision. As for the sky colour, I couldn’t do much with that. Interestingly, the central image in the final selection was taken a few moments before the one on the bottom left.

Initially, the portrait images were lined along the top. However, by putting them in the middle, the sign draws the viewer’s eyes in. The surrounding images with their amount of detail can then be looked at a bit closer & at a more leisurely pace.

It does feel good to be almost completing this project. It’s been a lot of hard work, but quite enjoyable. It has certainly pushed my photographic boundaries & I know I’m extending my photographic range while developing my style. Will be great to get these up on the college display boards alongside the great images by my fellow classmates.

Criteria Ref: P1, P2 & P4.



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