Studio Practice – Task 2: Portrait Pt 11

With the print practically ready to be placed on the wall, time for taking a closer look.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to print it onto a higher-grade paper or experimented with other media due to cost. Regardless of that, I still liked the way the final image looks in the matt photographic paper. As for the image itself, here are the thoughts on how it’s turned out.

Here are the two images together. Overall, I think I caught both the essence of the original painting by Adam de Coster of a ‘Man Singing By Candlelight’. I was very pleased with the chiaroscuro effect.

As for capturing the ‘catchlight’ I certainly caught a twinkle of it within Shoresh’s eye. It does add a bit of ‘something’.

With regards to the clothing, I really liked the way the light has picked up on the material of the scarf. The tones are very similar to the original.

Lastly, I was also very pleased with how the accessories are set within the final image. The candle does look like it has been painted.

Right, job done. Another one for the college wall.

Criteria Ref: P1 & P4.


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