Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 1 Launch Pad

On the last day of the Spring term, Zig gave us the outline for the Summer term’s project. Called ‘Transformations’, this unit is based on ‘visual recording in art & design’.

The purpose of this assignment is to:

“extend my ability to select & visually record from a range of sources in order to communicate information to different audiences, using appropriate presentation methods & for a range of specific purposes.”

I will have to:

  • know how to identify sources for visual recording
  • be able to record visually
  • understand visual recording in other’s work
  • understand own visual recording
  • be able to review & develop visual recording to produce outsomes

The transformations Zig has suggested are:

  • a complete or marked change in appearance, character or condition
  • a complete or marked change of physical form, structure or substance
  • a sudden dramatic change of scenery on stage
  • a change caused by supernatural powers

I am to use photographic techniques (studio or location) that I have explored during this & previous courses in order to produce a set of images for this project. I am expected to develop a body of work showing an experimental approach to exploring & analysing materials. I need to show my investigations clearly in my sketchbook as well as my editorial decisions.

The project has been broken down into five tasks:

Task 1 – research artists who have used ‘transformation’ within their work. Analyse the way materials & techniques have been used to inform my own practice. This task is on-going throughout the project.

Task 2 – develop my ideas of ‘transformation’ using primary research as my starting point. It will involve making a series of test shots, & analyse these in my sketchbook.

Task 3 – further develop my ideas within my sketchbook & be inventive with my visualisation. Experiment with materials alongside my developments of ideas, recording my observations & tests. Be exhaustive in my development of ideas recording my observations & tests. Be exhaustive in my investigation of materials & techniques & continue to research artists & designers.

Task 4 – complete & present the series of works from my developed ideas & material research. These works should clearly communicate my intentions. Consider & explore alternative presentation & printing techniques.

Task 5 – evaluate my outcome: consider the process, my use of materials & how the work evolved, including any technical issues.

At the end of the project, I will present a series of at least six images along with annotated research into photographers & artists relevant to the theme. My sketchbook should show the development of ideas & my editorial process such as analysis of contact sheets with annotations, etc. I need to experiment with different ways of making & presenting the work through investigating materials & media.

The sources of information I should look at are: libraries, internet, site visits, exhibitions, etc.

The photographers suggested for research are: Cindy Sherman, Gregory Crewdson, Duane Michals (Study of Holograms series), Sam Taylor-Woods, Francesca Woodman, William Eggleston, Wolfgang Tillmans, Sarah Moon, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Joel Sternfeld, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Nick Waplington, Martin Parr.

The fine artists suggested are: Claes Oldenburg, Anish Kapoor, Andy Goldsworth, Henry Moore.

Right, that’ll keep me busy until July…

Task 1




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