Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 6 Time Lapse Cont.

Sunny. Windy. Cloudy. Hmmm, perfect conditions for some time lapse captures. After my previous camera frustrations, I again set the Timer Interval settings for 75 x one second.

I returned to the grassy patch that I shot previously as it was waving round on this blustery day. Crouching down, I framed the shot then pressed the ‘start’ button. First six shots went off on one second intervals. The next ones didn’t. Two second intervals. Again. Aaaaaggggghhhh!

Ok, will have to research why this is happening. But I had to just go with the flow & deal with what I got. Again, to get the effect of movement, click on a image & keep clicking the right arrow…

The second attempt:

 I then made my way to the Woodland Gardens:






What I really liked with the river shots was the sun on the water, plus the movement of the reflected clouds. I just can’t wait to sort the camera & tripod out so I can capture these how they should be.

I also abstracted some of the shots. So looking forward to the next college session when Zig will be introducing us to Premiere. Will be so interesting to see how I can take this project further.


Tasks 2, 3, 4 & 5


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