Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 10 Time Lapse Cont…

With the theory in place for time lapse photography, now it was time for a bit of practice. Using images caught by my classmate, Sarah, Zig demonstrated to the class how to process the images for then produce a time lapse sequence.

I made notes during the class as our trusted tutor when through the steps with a view to testing myself at home. This is what I did using a set of images featured in a previous post.

The first stage is to process the RAW files using Camera RAW:

  1. Using Bridge, open up the first image in the sequence using Camera RAW
  2. Crop using 16:9
  3. Adjust the image settings (if necessary)
  4. Press ‘Done’
  5. Click ‘Right’ on the adjusted image
  6. Select ‘Develop Settings’ & click on ‘Copy Settings’
  7. Select images to be processed
  8. Click ‘Right’ on an image
  9. Select ‘Develop Settings’ & click on ‘Paste Settings’
  10. Make a cup of tea – Step 9 can take a bit of time!
  11. When the images have been processed, select them all then save with the following in mind:
  12. Use a separate folder
  13. Add a serial number to the file name – useful for sequencing
  14. Save at High Quality (12)
  15. Strip off Metadata – copyright only
  16. Save Long Side size at 1920px
  17. Sharpen for screen
  18. Save files

Next, open Adobe Premiere. & don’t panic!

  1. Select ‘New Project
  2. Choose a destination for saving, creating a new folder
  3. Import media (double click on the area)
  4. Select all files
  5. Drag to the box on the right
  6. To adjust the speed of the time lapse, select all files, click right then select Speed/Duration & change accordingly

Admittedly, I did get to the last bit, but didn’t quite work out why the time hasn’t changed despite adjusting. After the whole morning & most of the afternoon in front of a screen, it was time to take a break from this exercise then revisit with fresh eyes & brain.

Tasks 2, 3, 4 & 5


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