Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 13 Adam Fuss

While visiting Photo London last week, I was lucky to be in the audience for a conversation between photographer Adam Fuss & sculptor Antony Gormley while they explored their own artistic practices.

Gormley is someone who of which I was already aware, especially with his well-known creation ‘Angel of the North’.


Fuss is not someone I’d heard of previously. However, once having researched his work I was very keen to hear his thoughts. The first reason for this is that I really like the images he has produced. Secondly, Fuss uses a camera-less technique to create his images. As we will be covering pin-hole techniques in an upcoming class, I also thought this an ideal opportunity to learn more about the process.

What I love most about Fuss’ work is its slightly surreal & ethereal delicacy. Ghost-like shadows that appear ‘puffed’ on the paper. Images almost made of dust that would disintegrate & disappear on touch.


Pin Hole


Details of Love

My Ghost


Water Splashes

Interestingly, when asked by a member of the audience about his actual technique, Fuss was quite cagey about replying in detail. He implied that it would be taking away the mystery of their creation & reduce one’s appreciation to the equivalent of F numbers & exposure time. He also stated that he found the whole process almost a bit of a chore (meddling around in the dark) & the real delight came from seeing the final processed image.

Even though I would love to know exactly how he does, it I have to agree with him. I’ve been asked many times how I process my own abstract images. Yes, I can tell you my camera, which lens, F number, exposure time &, what programme I’ve used to edit them. But I’d rather someone look at them & admire their beauty. Which is what one can do with Fuss’ work.

Task 1, 2 & 3



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