Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 14 Interval Timer Captures

After getting some further instruction on how to process & produce images for a time lapse piece I returned to Bushy Park.

It was a beautiful day on Monday so I thought it the ideal conditions to try some more Interval Timer Shooting. Unfortunately, I’d left it too late in the day for that wonderful effect of the sunshine on the water, but there was still scope for some great shots.

I’d set the Interval Timer Shooting setting to 100 shots at 1 second intervals. Once I’d set the camera onto the tripod, I used the Live View to frame & focus the shot. However, you can’t use the Interval Timer Shooting settings using live view. I then turned off the Live View setting then set off the Interval Timer Shooting. I also didn’t turn off the Automatic Focus setting – I will have to try setting Manual Focus next time to see how that works. The other thing I changed was shooting RAW only. As I only have a 16MB card & process each shot, there really isn’t any point in capturing JPEGS for this project. Again, the camera was a bit random in how many shots it took – didn’t get to the full 100.

Here are the sequences I caught:

Sequence 1

Sequence 1a

Sequence 2

Sequence 3

Sequence 4

Sequence 5

Sequence 5a

Sequence 6

I then tried out Adobe Premiere to create, process & save the following. Still more work to go, but getting there…

Sequence 3 Time Lapse

Sequence 6 Time Lapse

Task 3


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