Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 15 Time Lapse Sussed (?)

After my frustrations with creating a time lapse piece at home, I was quite relieved it was a small detail that I’d missed.

I had try to quicken up the interval between frame changes. What I hadn’t realised is that the last digits (00:00:00:00) go up to 25. This refers to frames (European PAL) as opposed to fractions of a second. Therefore, if you want the transition to last for half a second, put in 00:00:00:12 (25/2).

Will be interesting to see how the changes in frame duration will affect the transitions – to be experimented with!

The other aspect covered in the class was saving the final piece.

  1. Select Export: Media
  2. Tick ‘H264’ format (if the video is being used for screens – formats the file as full HD at 1920px x 1080px)
  3. Tick ‘Maximum Render Quality’
  4. Click on the file name to save it to a location (as .MP4)
  5. Export


Tasks 2, 3, 4 & 5


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