Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 18 Bushy Park Ripples

After an afternoon spent in London I felt the call of the park again. There was still a smidgeon of sunlight hanging around & was hungry for more shots.

After my previous experiments, I decided to try for two sequences: one of 400 with five second intervals then one of 500, also with five second intervals.

First session – 400 x Five Second Intervals


I was really pleased with the results of the first collection. There’s also the delightful bonus of seeing the fish swimming in the river. Here is a selection…

I also kept myself amused during the session…


Second Session – 500 x Five Second Intervals

This was certainly a more interesting sequence. At first I followed my golden rule. Don’t interfere with anything & leave it as you find it. However, I thought I’d give nature a helping hand. Instead of waiting for a falling twig or passing duck to swirl up the water I started to throw a selection of sticks into the water to create more patterns. I then found quite a large branch that was nearby to give it a bit more welly. Was great fun!

These are the photos I took with my mobile.

Sample sequence shots.

Couldn’t resist a couple of abstracts, too…

Tasks 2, 3 & 4


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