Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 26 Magic Making

With the files prepared it was now or never to create the final sequence. I had two days to do this. So far I had issues with working out Adobe Premiere & couldn’t get the results I wanted using other methods. Hearing my frustrations, Zig had kindly worked out how to do what was required. My ever-helpful tutor was also on hand to show me what to do.

Please note that at the time of writing my Vimeo limit has been exceeded & I am unable to load the pieces mentioned below.

With Zig’s assistance I had the method sussed. To try things out, I decided to create a visual using just the first sequence I shot. As I ‘d already used this in Adobe Lightroom, I would be able to compare the two. It was definitely an improvement. To test this method, I set the frame timing to varying rates per second with dissolve between each. This created a longer transition between frames.

Next I continued with the available sequences. I created a piece using the first six sets consisting of 50 frames each, but it didn’t quite work. I then continued experimenting with the other image selections using different frame rates & number of seconds. Was very captivating seeing how each one worked (or didn’t!). I also learnt to check a sequence before exporting it – there can be an occasional error (an Adobe Premiere issue) resulting in valuable time eaten by a less-than-satisfactory final MP4.

About halfway through this process, I remembered my initial musical inspiration. While searching for ‘Says’ I came across this other piece by Nils Frahm:

I thought it went quite well with the last piece I came up with. This was created from 900 images with a six-frame per second transition.

The jerkiness of the movement goes really well with the pace of the music when played in synch. It wasn’t perfect, but after a five and a half hours it was time to go home, relax for the evening & continue the next day.

It was a good feeling being able to sit down in front of the college pc knowing exactly what to do. The most essential aspect now was creating a sequence with the optimum transition time that looked fabulous. No pressure…

The sequence which seemed to be the most aesthetically pleasing was the one with clouds in the background. Also, with 500 shots playing at a rate of 12 frames per second the sequence lasts for four minutes. This is another aspect to take into consideration. As Zig & the other students present while I was creating these pieces, you don’t want it to be too long.


I was really pleased with the outcome, but there was something missing.


Going back to my initial musical preference the decision was taken to use ‘Says’. Zig showed me how to add the music as a separate element within Adobe Premiere. I then created the opening & closing images using Adobe Photoshop. Zig then showed me how to fade between these & the sequence itself.

Next, I saved & exported the Adobe Premiere file to create an MP4. Was torture waiting for this to process. Took about 15 minutes!

As mentioned above, I’m currently unable to upload the final piece via Vimeo. However, it can be accessed via my Facebook page.


Ok, final piece completed. My next task to tackle is No. 5 – “evaluate my outcome: consider the process, my use of materials & how the work evolved, including any technical issues.”

Tasks 3, 4 & 5



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