Transformations – Unit 1: Pt 27 Final Critique & Conclusion

Having produced a final piece for this project, it was time to:

  • Evaluate my outcome
  • Consider the process
  • My use of materials
  • How the work evolved (including any technical issues)


Have to admit, I’m very happy with the final piece for this project. I’ve had the concept of how it should look in my head for about three years & it’s been wonderful realising it.

Ok, it’s not perfect (in my eyes). But going through this whole process during the last three months I’ve learnt a whole new technique. By taking my previous knowledge gained through this course (plus that of both Level 1 & Level 2) I’ve produced a piece of work that shows my vision.

There are so many ways in which I could take this concept further. Now I know a whole raft of techniques there is definitely scope for development.

Also, by looking at the work of various photographers & artist with their own obsessions with reflections & water it’s given me an extra depth to my work.

The process itself was a drawn-out experience. But every with each step I learnt more. Learning a new way of capturing images & utilising them was eye-opening, frustrating, liberating & life-enhancing. I discovered that my tenacity, proven in other areas of my life, was just as imperative as my creativity.

With regards to materials, it was a bit disconcerting not printing anything. I’ve been so used to producing prints for this course & the others in order to show my final results. However, there was no way I could show my final project in any other way than either on a screen or projected somewhere.

The work evolved in a directed, but organic way – by experimenting, testing, getting feedback & revisiting. Yes, there were some technical issues, but these were dealt with & surpassed.

Looking at this now, I am chuffed with the result. Am also delighted that this is not the end of my journey…

Task 5



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